Ericsson launches new 5G and IoT competition in Egypt

Focus on use cases of the technology.
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Ericsson, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt, is organising a competition on the use cases of 5G and IoT.

The competition aims to give young students and graduates in Egyptian universities and youth centres in the fields of communications, electronics and computer science the opportunity to develop 5G and helping the Egyptian market based on the latest digital technologies - in addition to developing a special application on the Ericsson accelerator.

The competition began this week in Ain Shams University. As part of the 21-week competition, 15 teams from four universities - including Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Alexandria University and the University of Al Mina - and five teams from youth community centres from different cities in Egypt - will be taskes with coming up with innovative solutions to a number of digital challenges. Each team will have three to five members.

Dr Abeer Shakwair, Egypt's Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said: "This competition comes within the framework of the Ministry's orientation to serve the Egyptian society and to transform into an inclusive society, in partnership with various companies through its community responsibility."

Added Ericsson Egypt head Sameh Shoukry: "Ericsson is a leader in the digital transformation to fifth-generation technology. There is an immediate need to develop critical talent in digital technology transfer, not only in Egypt but also globally."

At the end of the competition, three teams will win prizes, including summer training at Ericsson Egypt.

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