Bahrain's Batelco launches Nasna Fridays to help those in need during Ramadan

New programme in partnership with Feed the Need.
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Batelco's and Feed the Need's Nasna Fridays in action in Bahrain during Ramadan.

As part of its efforts to give back to society and as part of its new CSR programme called Nasna (which translates to “our people”), Batelco has announced the launch of a new initiative for Ramadan. Nasna Friday has been launched in partnership with Feed the Need during the holy month of Ramadan, to help those less fortunate and in need.

Throughout the course of the partnership, Batelco will give back to society by supplying 2,500 iftar meals to those in need, in order to spread the spirit of giving and gratitude amongst the community throughout the holy month. With the initiative set to take place every Friday, the first iftar coincided with the first Friday of Ramadan. Iftar meals were distributed by staff volunteers from Batelco to 1,000 labourers at their camp in Ras Zowayed in Bahrain.

Feed the Need is a charity dedicated to offering food to local communities, encouraging avoiding wasting food, and donating the surplus through a network of refrigerators situated in various locations across Bahrain.

Striving to be a more socially responsible entity driven by a sincere desire and inherent duty to contribute to the community in which it operates, Batelco has a number of programmes planned for the holy month of Ramadan, developed and designed with the intention of providing a positive impact to those who need it most.

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