Airtel Nigeria deepens internet connectivity by offering a new data plan

The definitive step will help with broadband connectivity in homes and offices.
Airtel office in Nigeria
Airtel office in Nigeria


With the roll out of its Home Broadband, Airtel Nigeria has taken a step to deepen broadband connectivity in homes and offices across the country.

The telco said that the launch of the offerings are based on its expensive and modern 4G network. This has been deployed in over 130 cities and towns across the country, making Airtel the first operator to launch the plans in all 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory.

The Airtel Home Broadband (HBB) package is available in routers and MiFis and is available in various affordable recharge plans. Some of these even offer up to a 100GB data bonus.

Under the new plans, whenever a customer purchases a new Airtel router, he/she is instantly credited with 100GB data and offered complimentary 10GB data for 6 months when purchasing the Airtel data bundle plan. MiFi offers instant 40GB data and an additional 5GB monthly for 6 months on purchase of the plan. 

Both the routers and the MiFis are bundled with a 4G SIM and customers can buy a bundle plan, register their data line and check their data balance through their phone or by visiting Airtel's OneTouch website.

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