Virgin Mobile offers 500 free local minutes every month to anyone who joins its new plan aimed at families

Its new Family Plan offers an easy way to manage multiple mobile plans through a single account.
Flexible mobile plans and VIP numbers are available so customers can customize each SIM to suit their family’s needs
Flexible mobile plans and VIP numbers are available so customers can customize each SIM to suit their family’s needs


Virgin Mobile has launched its latest innovation with the introduction of Family Plans. They are a new mobile offering that brings together SIM Cards, free minutes and simplicity. By opting for this, Virgin Mobile customers can easily manage their family's mobile services.

Now, customers can add up to four mobile plans onto their account. This makes it easier for busy families to set up and manage a mobile plan for each family member simply and efficiently. Once added, both the primary account holder as well as the added SIM cards get 500 free local minutes every month on top of their plan. With this, families can stay in touch more often.

The offer is available exclusively via the Virgin Mobile application and is fully customizable for each additional member. Subsequently, this allows families to mix and match their data and minutes via the application to suit everyone's needs. For example, one family member may prefer having international minutes over another, who may prefer data for social media usage.

Once the primary account holder has successfully chosen their plan, they can add the SIM cards. The additional SIM cards will be delivered directly to their door within an hour by Virgin Mobile's dedicated driver team. For you to be eligible for this offer, you must be registered on a Virgin Mobile plan over Dh79, which includes 6-, 12-month and VIP plans for a limited period only.

Karim Benkirane, the managing director at Virgin Mobile UAE commented on this by saying “Our customers have been asking for multiple SIM options and the launch of this new feature highlights Virgin Mobile’s mission to continuously listen to the needs of our customers and propose innovative solutions that offer value and a wide range of choice.”

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