Zain Kuwait launches Zain Life brand to offer smart living solutions

Zain Life offers services and solutions in the fields of Smart Homes through a number of security devices , as well as digital entertainment solutions through the PlayStation VR device. The new brand also offers new solutions in the customer experience space through the all new Zain Smart Branch .
Eaman Al Roudhan: “Zain Life further enriches Zain’s leadership in offering the latest digital transformation applications."
Eaman Al Roudhan: “Zain Life further enriches Zain’s leadership in offering the latest digital transformation applications."


Zain Kuwait has launched Zain Life, a new brand that offers a portfolio of innovative and flexible digital services and solutions in the areas of smart homes, digital entertainment, and customer experience.

The announcement was made during a press conference at Zain’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh, which witnessed the attendance of Zain Kuwait’s CEO Eaman Al Roudhan, CTO Nawaf Al Gharabally, chief enterprise business officer Hamad Al Marzouq, marketing director Moataz Elsayed, and corporate communications and relations director Waleed Al Khashti. The conference was accompanied by a live demo of the announced services and solutions.

Eaman Al Roudhan said: “Today we launch the all-new Zain Life brand, which consists of a portfolio of flexible digital services that include an array of innovative packages, further enriching Zain’s leadership in offering the latest digital transformation applications. We will be continuously enriching our Zain Life brand with more services and solutions this year and during the upcoming years. This will includes smart solutions in the areas of education, health, entertainment, and youth empowerment.

“Zain’s digital transformation journey began two years ago with our partnership with the Ministry of Electricity and Water through the Smart Meters project. We consider ourselves an active partner in creating the future of smart life in Kuwait, as well as empowering the community though the use of advanced technologies such as IoT and more”.

The Zain Life brand offers a smart home security kit, which provides a unique home safety experience through several surveillance solutions that monitor the home and notify the user as soon as any unusual activity inside the home is identified. These solutions include a smart camera, motion sensor, door/window sensors, and smart smoke detector, which all can be controlled and managed through a single smartphone app. Zain Life’s smart home security kit also includes motions sensors and a smart smoke detector. 

Zain Life’s Digital Entertainment offering offers digital gaming via virtual reality applications provided by Sony’s PlayStation VR. The device takes the gamer into the virtual world and features a wearable 5.7” OLED display with 360 view technology. The device is also equipped with 3D sensing devices that monitor the gamer’s movements and translates them into in-game action.

Zain’s Smart Branch offers Zain customers new service options that were previously not available through a self-service machine, and works automatically through advanced technology without the need of the presence of an employee. Equipped with a smart interface, the Smart Branch recognizes a customer’s identity through the advanced face recognition feature, where the branch scans the customers civil ID and matches their photo with their face on-the-spot.

Of the many services offered by Zain’s Smart Branch, one of the most interesting ones is the SIM card replacement feature. Customers can order a replacement for their lost or ineffective SIM cards and receive a new one immediately without the need of visiting a traditional branch. 

Zain Life’s Smart Home Starter Kit is available for 2.5 KD/month ($8.3/month) and requires an active data plan of at least 10 KD/month ($33.3/month). 

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