Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 9S in the UAE
The feature-packed device now available throughout the UAE
Verizon remains on course to rollout 5G to 60 US cities, despite Covid 19 disruption
Verizon has used mmWave spectrum in its early 5G offering, bringing higher speeds but sketchier coverage than its rivals
KT and Far EasTone sign MoU for 5G in Taiwan
It is almost one year since KT and Korea’s other mobile network operators launched the world’s first 5G services
Mobility as a Service revenues set for exponential growth through 2027
MaaS revenues are set to climb steeply from their current levels of $405 million in 2020
Huawei launches Huawei Pay mobile services in Singapore
Huawei already offers Huawei Pay services in a number of markets across Europe and Asia
Twitter launches regional wellness campaign
The campaign aims to raise awareness of physical and mental wellness in the gaming community amidst the global Covid19 pandemic
Etisalat helps 1 million UAE students learn from home through e-learning initiative
Millions of students across the country are now studying from home as schools in the UAE remain closed
Etisalat and Noor Bank launch mobile wallet platform in the UAE
eWallet will help UAE residents and citizens make safer money transfers from the comfort of their own home, allowing people to practice more efficient social distancing by staying at home and making digital transfers remotely