Comviva’s mobiquity Money marks a milestone with over 100 million customers

Company launches its fifth generation platform at MWC 2018 and Unveils “The mobiquity Money: A Decade of Transforming Lives” coffee table book
(L to R) Marc Rennard, ‎deputy CEO, customer experience and mobile banking, ‎Orange Group; Manoranjan Mohapatra, CEO, Comviva and Srinivas Nidugondi, SVP & head of mobile financial solutions at Mahindra Comviva
(L to R) Marc Rennard, ‎deputy CEO, customer experience and mobile banking, ‎Orange Group; Manoranjan Mohapatra, CEO, Comviva and Srinivas Nidugondi, SVP & head of mobile financial solutions at Mahindra Comviva


Comviva has  announced at MWC 2018 that its flagship mobile money product, “mobiquity Money”, has crossed the 100 million registered customers mark across 60 deployments in 45 countries. Moreover, the product processes 3.6 billion mobile money transactions, valuing over $60 billion annually, the company added.

On the occasion of completing a decade of mobiquity Money, the company also unveiled a  coffee table book chronicling the role the product has played in empowering customers and societies globally. The coffee table book provides a selection of human interest stories from mobile money deployments in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. The book was unveiled by Marc Rennard, ‎deputy CEO, customer experience and mobile banking, ‎Orange Group at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Manoranjan Mohapatra, CEO, Comviva said: “When the history of mobile payments is written, it will be worth recognizing the efforts of the many who overcame multiple challenges, in terms of regulators, the merchant network, banks, consumer trust and behaviour. to bring in over 300 million unbanked customers into the financial inclusion fold.. In the years to come, as people access all kinds of financial services, it is likely that this group would have played an important part. On the occasion of ten years of transforming lives through mobiquity money, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our partners who have been with us through this journey.”  
Marc Rennard said: “I am delighted to launch this coffee table book that contains a selection of life transforming stories from mobile money deployments across the world. Mobile money is a tremendous tool that improves the welfare of people in underbanked economies, and that can complement banking offers elsewhere in the world.

"Orange Money and other mobile money services are constantly breaking new grounds in fields as diverse as financial inclusion, women’s health, migrant’s welfare, access to energy, development of small businesses and the progressive building of a cash-light economy. ”

In Mali, mobiquity Money has helped in the socio-economic empowerment of women by bundling pre-natal care with savings and insurance. In Tanzania, it is allowing non-smartphone users to tap and pay at merchants using NFC card linked to their mobile money account. In famine and drought hit areas of Africa, it is streamlining financial aid to the needy by streamlining donations. Similarly, in Zimbabwe, it is powering remittance services, making it easier for the diaspora to send money to their families.

The  Coffee Table Book can be downloaded here

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