R&M gets started on key Lebanon high-speed cabling contract

Cabling expert is updating the cabling system for Lebanon's largest mall, ABC Verdun
R&M is replacing the cabling for Lebanon's largest mall ABC Verdun.
R&M is replacing the cabling for Lebanon's largest mall ABC Verdun.


Data and communications network supplier, R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG), has been awarded a high-speed cabling contract by Lebanon’s largest mall ABC Verdun.

The mall hosts over 200 stores including a wide selection of international must-have brands, as well as movie theatres, and around 30 restaurants and coffee shops, and several new concept stores. R&M said the high speed cabling infrastruture is being implemented in co-ordination with its Lebanese partner Qbrands.

The network serves as the platform on which critical mall services including internet, point-of-sales systems, CCTV, digital signage, and the Building Management System (BMS) now run.
This prioritisation of convenience for its customers prompted the IT team of ABC to shortlist R&M since the cabling vendor has an established reputation for quality and service, said the statement from R&M.

"For the connectivity of its retail stores, the Mall has utilised the very latest Cat. 7 S/FTP cables with Cat. 6A outlets, while the CCTV connectivity is built on high-grade Cat. 6 cabling."
"This copper cabling network connects to a high-speed FO backbone that utilises OM3 fibre cabling," said Mohammad Sweidan, the regional sales director, Levant, Kuwait & North Africa, at R&M. "R&M’s strengths in copper and fibre presented ABC Verdun with the opportunity to fulfil all its cabling requirements - thus simplifying the implementation. Parts of the network is built on R&M’s cabling systems, providing a 25-year system warranty which safeguards the Group’s investment and ensures its successful operation for years to come.”

The installation time was greatly reduced by use of the high-performance field-installable connector which made it possible to connect the FO Field connectors to a fibre cables at the site itself in under a minute. This innovation allowed the costly and time-consuming step of fusion splicing to be skipped, as pigtails, patch cables, and installation cables were directly connected, it added.

Antoine Abi Nassif, the general manager of Qbrands, said: "After several years of hard work, we have achieved great success with R&M in Lebanon. It was crucial for us to win this project as ABC Verdun which is one of the most important projects executed in Lebanon in recent years. R&M has provided us with its full support in order to fulfill the requirements of the client and the consultant, Khatib & Alami. R&M’s products definitely meet the expectations of our client and live up to the well-known Swiss quality.”

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