du concludes 2019 Summer Training Programme
Comprehensive training focused on equipping participants, including people of determination with the skills needed to be able to shape the future of telcos
New app will ease car service booking woes in Dubai
Owners of vehicles can easily access the car repair service via their Android or iOS smartphone.
Saudi Arabia places order to introduce smart services on buses travelling in Makkah
Travel for Hajj may become less hectic in the coming years.
The UAE ranks first in Government Electronic and Mobile Services (GEMS) maturity index
It is a measure of the maturity of the government services provided through online portals and smart apps.
Batelco distributes reusable bags to the public at Wadi Al Sail mall
This initiative by Batelco is set to focus on decreasing the consumption of one-time use plastics both internally and externally.
Zain Cash, IrisGuard and UNHCR collaborate to introduce iris technology for cash disbursements to refugees in Iraq
The new revolutionary cash platform will help expand UNHCR cash assistance to the most vulnerable refugees in Iraq.
Reliable secure communications for the Hajj in Mecca are thanks to Airbus and STC Specialized
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has chosen Airbus and STC Specialized to secure millions of pilgrims during Muslim gathering.
Batelco launches its new 'Mazeej' mobile package
The package aims to offer the best of both worlds.