Can blockchain digitally empower Africa?
New report from Liquid Telecom highlights potential and pitfalls. Also: a new digital service to allow unbanked people to pay for all their utilities at once.
Africa's great 4G rollout
Countries across the continent are rapidly launching 4G networks - as smartphone use soars.
Zain reports profit increase in first half of 2018
Big growth in data revenues and rise in overall customers.
Liquid Telecom rolls out new service to help Africa connect to the cloud more quickly
Pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom has brought the first Microsoft ExpressRoute service peering to Africa.
New mission for Etisalat’s E-Marine: making MARS possible
Etisalat’s E-Marine bags the prestigious MARS project to connect the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues.
Up and away: Loon’s Internet-providing balloons to take to Kenya’s skies
Coming to Kenya next year: wireless Internet provided by balloon.
Rapid Sub-Saharan Africa mobile growth means big opportunities - GSMA
New GSMA report also says mobile will pump more than $150 billion into the region's economy by 2022.
From Cape Town to Cairo: First terrestrial fibre network stretching across Africa nears completion
Experts hope the network will increase cooperation and trade among African countries.