Huawei launches AI-Native database
Advancing further in AI to redefine data infrastructure
Bahrain may be the smallest nation in the Gulf. Yet its telecommunications landscape is one of the most innovative and advanced – due in no small part to the work of the Kingdom’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).
UAE keen for 5G - Ericsson report
Also says will drive faster adoption of new technologies.
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UAE to host AI summit empowering the future of government
Bringing together world leaders to define the underlying pillars of governance, business and society.
From the mag: calling the robots
The future of AI and humanity is still being constructed. But as David Hanson – founder of Hanson Robotics and the “father” of international superstar (and Saudi citizen) Sophia – says, telecommunications are the foundation from which it is being built.
Check it out: world's first Arabic-speaking AI news anchor debuts in Dubai
Collaboration between Abu Dhabi Media and China's Sogou Inc.