Huawei pushes the role of 5G in the Middle East’s post-pandemic digital transformation journey
Huawei will host the upcoming SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit on the 9th July 2020
Catherine Chen, corporate senior vice president and director of the board at Huawei, delivered a keynote speech during a recent online event, during which she highlighted the important role that technology will play in conquering the pandemic
Ericsson: AI and automation provide the performance, flexibility and scale to pave the way for new levels of connectivity
Sunaina Davet, head of managed services at Ericsson West and South East Africa, takes a look at how managed services can transform operations for mobile operators during a pandemic
Huawei: Ubiquitous computing will usher in a new era of connected societies
In a new industry report, the Chinese tech giant claims that statistical computing will account for 80 per cent of global computing power within five years
Ericsson: Managing networks through the awesome power of AI
We spoke to Eva Andren, head of managed services at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, to find out how Ericsson is helping operators streamline their network management through a series of Artificial Intelligence initiatives
Ericsson wins AI RAN contract with Japan’s NTT Docomo
The pair have been collaborating closely on a number of 4G and 5G projects
AI and the rise of the developer – Industry trends to 2025
Bask Iyer, CIO and chief digital transformation officer, VMware, predicts 10 enterprise technology trends for the first half of the new decade
Mobile network operators to spend $15bn on AI initiatives by 2024
The rollout of 5G mobile networks is set to drive huge investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and network automation
Huawei expands its Cloud and AI offering
Cloud and AI services will underpin a whole range of Smart City and Smart Transport initiatives
AI to boost workforce efficiency in data centres across the Middle East
2020 will see a sharp upswing in the amount of traffic that passes through the regions data centres