Big Data

Why data analysis is the layer cake of customer experience
In a competitive marketplace, telcos are at the forefront of a revolution – using customer data as a way to delight those very same customers with a great experience. Shukri Dabaghi, VP for the Middle East and Eastern Europe at SAS, discusses how telcos can not only build their data ‘cake’, but eat it, too.
Paving the way to 5G with adaptive networks
Ravi Mali, regional director, Middle East and Africa at Ciena looks at how network operators can meet customer demands.
GSMA teams up with World Bank to leverage the power of big data
The initiative calls on mobile operators to use data that they collect through their existing IoT services or through new pilots and partnerships to provide insights and analysis to design and improve projects.
TRA launches UAE Hackathon- the data analysis challenge
1200 participants expected from all over the UAE
Comba: Moving up the value chain
Journey of Comba up the value chain to be an end-to-end turnkey solutions provider
MWC lauds record-breaking event
It was a record breaking year for GSMA as 108,000 attended MWC 2017
Empowering with analytics
Datafarm will enable the proper alignment of analytical execution with the CEO agenda
Plugged in but disconnected
Being ‘connected’ doesn’t necessarily make us ‘smart’