How Saudi Arabia's female workforce is growing amid reforms
New data shows female labour force participation up to nearly 20%.
Comment: advancement of women is a prerequisite for sustainable development
Mariam Al Hammadi, director of the Big Heart Foundation, says we must make the efforts required to celebrate International Women's Day the way it deserves to be celebrated.
UAE offers more public holidays to private sector workers
UAE Cabinet says private sector employees will benefit from the same public holidays as the government sector from this year.
VIVA Bahrain launches 5G services in Bahrain
Follows first commercial pilot last year. and MAF are planning to build 'a tech company the size of Amazon'
Partnering on voice-based shopping solution that may be the "future of living."
Middle East must empower youth to accelerate data economy - PwC report
Also urges governments to support and empower young people through engagement.