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Why next generation connectivity demands cutting edge security
In a recent webinar hosted by CommsMEA, industry experts from Etisalat Group and NetNumber discussed the challenges of securing mobile network infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa region and the new challenges brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic
Veeam: Mitigating against ransomware - Don’t let backups be the back door
By Rick Vanover, senior director for product strategy, Veeam
Nokia: Cyber-criminals are exploiting people’s fears of COVID-19
Kevin McNamee, Threat Intelligence Lab, Nokia, says that businesses and employees must remain vigilant against rising cyber security threats, as criminals look to exploit the panic surrounding the global Covid 19 pandemic
Etisalat Group to acquire cybersecurity firm Help AG
Etisalat Group will acquire Help AG’s businesses in the UAE and Saudi Arabia
NordVPN is creating a VPN solution for businesses
NordVPN Teams caters to businesses, freelancers, and teams
Etisalat Digital to highlight its digital security offerings at GISEC 2018
The company will highlight its committment to cyber-defence, and showcase its new cyber-security offerings
Ransomware to top threat list in 2018
Trend Micro warns that this year will see more ransomware attacks than before
ServiceNow: The anonymous advantage
Security teams won’t have to deal with cyber threats all alone, thanks to Trusted Security Circles
Emulate and stay safe, says Cobham Wireless
Emulating attacks can highlight weaknesses, allowing to fix any problems in advance