digital economy

The complexities of regulating 5G
To build a 5G-based digital economy in the Middle East, the regulatory framework must include all of the stakeholders, from government to telcos, and a range of company verticals.
The Summit's aim is to encourage industry leaders to consider an incentivised, stakeholder-inclusive business environment where digitisation, fifth-generation technologies and regulatory frameworks, and new digital service platforms would define the rules of the game
GSMA calls upon stakeholders to leverage the digital economy
Operators need to be faster and more integrated into the society, GSMA DG Mats Granryd says
Telecom industry isn't very successful in customer engagement, says STC CEO
The contribution of digital economy to Middle East GDP is less than 5%
Ignorance isn’t bliss
A digital economy can’t be attained truly without digitally skilled citizens
Waking up to the importance of blockchain
Blockchain can enable Smart City development and protect digital transaction systems
Refugees to learn coding  to support digital economy
Successful integration of refugees could increase countries’ GDP by 1 percent by 2020
Connecting Morocco with 4G
GM at the country's regulator, comments on how the country will benefit from 4G