Uber launches Women Preferred View for women drivers in Saudi Arabia
The feature is designed to give women driver-partners in Saudi Arabia the choice to select a preference of women riders.
From the mag: inside KaiOS' mission to better the world
Never heard of KaiOS? You soon will – but as CEO Sebastien Codeville says, the company’s mission of lifting society, especially in areas including Africa, is more important than making money.
Bahraini women help Avaya diversify
Part of altest crop of graduates from Avaya Academy.
How TRA Bahrain is increasing its support for women in telecoms
New agreement with Bahrain's Royal University for Women.
McAfee claims gender pay parity
Claims it's the first major cybersecurity company to do so.
From the mag: how Liquid Telecom is building Africa’s digital future
A lot of organisations may talk about helping to deliver the digital future for Africa. But you’ll have a hard time finding one more fully dedicated to that mission than Africa’s own Liquid Telecom. Group Chief Operating Officer Ahmad Mokhles discusses how it’s achieving that, and what the implications for society – not only in Africa, but around the world – could be.