Analysts warn that even govt bailout may not save Vodafone Idea in the long-term
Vodafone Idea owes around $4 billion to the Indian government in unpaid AGR dues, fees and penalties
Vodafone Idea diverts funds from rights issue to pay off AGR dues
Vodafone Idea must make payment of around $750m to India’s Department of Telecoms by the 23rd January
Huawei could raise $2bn in new finance, despite US pressure
Huawei is currently the world’s most prolific producer of 5G network components
Indian telcos request open hearing as they attempt to overturn $13bn AGR ruling
India’s Supreme Court recently ruled that telcos must recalculate their Adjusted Growth Revenues, creating $13 billion of outstanding dues in one fell swoop
Operators face 45% revenue drop in traditional voice services by 2024
With the rise of VoIP, VoLTE and eventually Vo5G, operators must look at new strategies to monetise their voice based services
Indian telcos call on government to urgently prioritise low cost borrowing
India remains one of the world’s most competitive telecoms markets, with telcos struggling to balance the competing demands of ultra-fine margins with the huge capital investment demands associated with 5G
New Administrator to oversee resurrection of cash strapped Uganda Telecom
Uganda’s oldest telco has been in receivership since April 2017, as it fell victim to alleged corruption and embezzlement
Bharti Airtel shareholders approve $3bn finance package
Airtel’s board proposed measures to raise up to $3 billion in new finance, with 99.99 per cent of shareholders voting to approve the motion