Huawei wins accolades for its R&D commitment to digitalisation
Huawei won a total of 8 awards, including 5 Grand Awards, at an industry award ceremony in Tokyo
Vodafone CTO: Banning Huawei would cost the UK its leadership position on 5G
Any ban on Huawei in the UK would cost the country’s mobile network operators billions of pounds as they would be forced to replace large quantities of their initial 5G network components
Huawei: We will not betray the UK’s trust on 5G
Huawei is currently a key supplier to all four of the UK’s mobile network operators for 4G and 5G services, but faces opposition from a number of backbench MPs
Huawei: 5G, Big Data and AI will help us prevail against Covid 19
Catherine Chen, corporate senior vice president and director of the board at Huawei, delivered a keynote speech during a recent online event, during which she highlighted the important role that technology will play in conquering the pandemic
Huawei CFO will face US extradition hearing in Canada
Meng Wanzhou is currently under house arrest in Vancouver
Huawei to invest $200m in computing ecosystem during 2020
Huawei recently held its annual Global Analyst Summit online, where the company revealed its plans for the year ahead
Huawei hits back against US decision to extend ban
The US government has extended a ban that prevents US firms working with Huawei for at least another year
President Trump extends US ban on Huawei for another 12 months
The original ban was set to expire on the 15th May 2020