Catch up with our network security webinar, featuring Etisalat and NetNumber
Yesterday’s webinar, "why next generation connectivity demands cutting edge security" is available to download now
LIVE NOW: Etisalat and Netnumber discuss cutting edge network security in our free webinar
We hear from the industry experts about how telcos can secure their networks against an expected 1.5 billion cyber attacks this year
Top security threats for mobile network operators in the Middle East
We take a look at the most troublesome security threats for operators in the Middle East and Africa region, in the run up to our forthcoming security webinar
Etisalat Group confirms key panelist for CommsMEA’s cutting edge security webinar
The first installment of the two part webinar series will air on Tuesday the 23rd June 2020
Why next generation connectivity demands cutting edge security
As cyber criminals around the world look to exploit opportunities bought about by the current Covid 19 pandemic, we look at how operators are staying one step ahead in their quest to secure their networks
NetNumber launches the world’s first cloud-native intergenerational network management platform
The TITAN.IUM Platform provides a cost effective way for operators to deliver on their network evolution plans, while simultaneously managing their legacy networks
NetNumber: The Middle East and Africa is home to some of the world’s most innovative operators
NetNumber has been bringing cutting edge security solutions to the international market for over 20 years and is expanding its presence in the MEA region as operators look to double down on network security
Service providers brace for up to 1.5 billion network attacks in 2020
An industry study shows that there were 726 million confirmed cyber attacks so far this year