Nigeria telecoms

MTN Nigeria and Huawei complete commerical deployment of RuralStar 2.0
Using low-band NLOS LTE Relay, it allows site deployment locations to change from high towers to low poles with a height of only 12 m, reducing the site infrastructure construction cost by 70%.
Etisalat group might not abandon its Nigeria operations after all
Telcos in Nigeria to leverage on a priority window for forex from the CBN
Etisalat Nigeria's loan woes continue
Banks oppose proposal to convert part of the $1.2 billion dollar loan into naira
Etisalat might divest Nigerian stakes after debt deal
Etisalat Nigeria signed a loan in 2013 to refinance another loan and upgrade network
IHS raises $522 million in new funds
Funds will be used for projects including construction of more than 1,000 towers