Cloud-computer solutions can help significantly to reduce banking costs in Africa
Genesis Analytics and Orange Business Services have launched a new report entitled Cloud Banking in Africa: The Regulatory Opportunity
Angola to expand the remit of its Ministry of Telecommunications
The country will merge two government departments to create a more powerful regulatory authority
Indian telcos request emergency access to additional spectrum to during Covid19 quarantine
The Cellular Operators Association of India has written to the India's Department of Telecoms to request access to additional spectrum
US fast tracks it plans to free up C-band spectrum for 5G
Satellite operators will be offered compensation from a $9.7 billion fund to trade in their current spectrum holdings
US telcos will be fined $200m for harvesting and reselling customer data
T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon are all accused of violating their customers’ privacy rights by selling their location data on to a series of third parties
Facebook CEO says he would welcome greater regulation on content
Mark Zuckerberg was speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany
France gives Huawei the go ahead to play a role in its national 5G rollout
France follows the UK and Germany in green-lighting Huawei to participate in its 5G rollout, but the country will place certain restrictions on all vendors to help bolster network security
Mexican regulator fines America Movil $63m for failing to disclose network availability
America Movil is Mexico’s biggest mobile network operator and has a huge portfolio of international customers in 25 countries across the world