Microsoft to continue discussions on potential TikTok acquisition
Microsoft has said that it hopes to conclude discussions with TikTok's Chinese owners, by the 15th of September
Huawei challenges US and European tech vendors to sign ‘no-spy’ agreements
Huawei has signed 12 5G launch deals with operators here in the GCC
Surge in cloud usage drives steep rise in cybersecurity spending
Survey also reveals a need to boost investment in staff training
Saudi Arabia tops the charts for network and cyber security
As Saudi Arabia looks to leverage next generation connectivity to power a range of smart city and connected vehicle initiatives, network security will be of paramount importance
Middle East’s security sector to see 10% yearly growth, as service providers double down on security
A panel of experts at the Intersec 2020 event predict that the Middle East’s physical and cyber security sectors will see double digit growth until at least 2022
President Trump frustrated as Apple stands firm on data privacy
President Trump claims that Apple have been reluctant to hand over user data to US officials
MI5 boss plays down Huawei threat
Huawei has a near 35 per cent stake in the UK’s mobile telecommunications networks but the US is ramping up pressure on its allies to sever ties with the Chinese tech giant.
US ups the ante in its campaign against Huawei with unveiling of controversial new bill
The US claims that Huawei’s networks are more easily hacked than those of their competitors and could be used for nefarious acts of state sponsored espionage
i3forum issues rallying call to tackle voice fraud, as RAG joins its ranks
Risk & Assurance Group will join i3forum in its bid to tackle voice fraud in the telecommunications ecosystem