In conversation with Imran Malik, VP, Global Sales Fixed Data, SES
Imran Malik talks about the impact of satellite communications
Successful demonstration shows that satellite integration into 5G is key to accelerating deployment of next-generation networks and services across all geographies
FTA Channel enters new phase in video delivery with SES and MX1
The non-linear distribution service provided through SES's wholly owned subsidiary, MX1, will be the first of its kind in Equatorial Guinea.
SES and Intelsat team up on proposal for 5G spectrum
C-band satellite consortium proposed to protect interests of operators and end-users
Video: SES Networks- ‘O3b mPOWER’ is a satellite industry game changer
O3b mPOWER is going to be a complete game changer, Simon says
Evolution of satellite communications
Satellites now play a significant role in broadband communications, in-flight connectivity, IoT and disaster communications.
At pace with the space
As data consumption grows, the demand for satellite connectivity is on the increase
SES completes 100% acquisition of O3b networks
O3b is building a fibre-quality, satellite based internet backbone
SES to increase its ownership of O3B networks
O3b is expected to generate revenue of more than USD 100 million in 2016
Providing safety to the oil and gas industry
M2M enables operators to offer services to different verticals