Social Media

Zain Ramadan advert divides social media
The Kuwait telco's ad has garnered over 5.3 million views, with some viewers praising the advert, and some criticising it
Ooredoo Oman revamps customer service with Digital Champions
Upon joining, the new Champions will be trained on the necessary communications skills to handle clients on social media and chat. The new direction in its customer care is part of Ooredoo’s efforts to transform Oman’s digital landscape.
Vulnerable identities
The concern around data privacy is bigger than your Facebook woes
Akamai highlights the role of information sharing for cybersecurity
Security in 2018 is a collaborative effort: increasingly, even the largest enterprises need to work with both peers and competitors to make sense of the data deluge.
Social media connections to get faster, thanks to GBI
GBI teams up with social media platforms, content delivery networks and cloud providers
Twitter doubles character limit of tweets
Twitter has extended the character limit on tweets to 280 to enable users to express more meaning or emotion
Saudi Arabia tops in Snapchat usage worldwide
8.2 million Snapchat users in Saudi Arabia
Video: Media consumption behaviour of nationals in the Middle East
A brief summary of the findings of a survey of the various ways nationals consumed different media in 2016