South Africa

South Africa releases emergency spectrum to ease network congestion amid Covid 19 lockdown
South Africa is currently on a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the epidemic, which has prompted a huge surge in demand for broadband connectivity
Liquid Telecom to launch 5G roaming network in South Africa
The company says that the launch of the 5G roaming network will allow providers to create innovative, reliable and scalable digital services for their customers, as South Africa continues its journey towards the launch of commercial 5G services
Vodacom set to acquire 1 million new subscribers from struggling rival in South Africa
It is believed that Vodacom would be able to leverage its scale to deliver cost saving efficiencies, allowing it to service long term contract subscribers in a more cost effective and profitable than its rival operator, Cell C.
DHL Express launches live chat to improve convenience and response times
DHL launches innovative, centralised solution to enhance convenience and customer experience
Chat commerce in Africa has leapfrogged other regions
Clickatell co-founder and CEO, Pieter de Villiers shared his insight into chat commerce and chat banking
Intracom Telecom’s point-to-multipoint technology stands out in South Africa
Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) owns an extended fiber network, and the unrivaled WiBAS™ Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) system is going to be used to extend the network connectivity and maximise the addressed subscriber’s base