Exceptional audio will be the bedrock upon which the classroom of tomorrow is built
In the run up Education Week 2020, ITP.net caught up with Sennheiser’s director of Sales & Marketing, Mig Cardamone, to hear how advances in audio technology will help to enhance the learning and teaching experience
Intelsat procures new satellites to keep up with US C-Band 5G deployment
The US government is in the process of freeing up spectrum in the 3.7 GHz - 4.2 GHz bands for use by mobile network operators in their 5G networks
Dynamic Spectrum Sharing: A first step on the 5G ladder
5G is an eye wateringly expensive investment for telcos – but what if there was a way to launch 5G with nothing more than a mere software update? We look at the opportunities and limitations of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
India to proceed with 4G spectrum sale later this year but will delay 5G auction until at least 2021
India’s telecoms operators have been reticent to invest in 5G spectrum, claiming the base price was too high to justify the expenditure
India to push 5G spectrum auction until at least 2021
The world’s second largest country will, however, proceed with a 4G spectrum auction later this year
Vodafone kicks off The Netherlands’ 5G party, using its own spectrum
Vodafone will use spectrum in the 1,800 MHz band, coupled with Ericsson’s Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology, to launch 5G
Verizon remains on course to rollout 5G to 60 US cities, despite Covid 19 disruption
Verizon has used mmWave spectrum in its early 5G offering, bringing higher speeds but sketchier coverage than its rivals
South African regulator releases emergency spectrum to ease lockdown congestion
The temporary licences will grant emergency access to additional spectrum for the duration of the country’s Coronavirus lockdown
Ireland’s telecoms regulator releases emergency spectrum to ease network congestion
Millions of people in Ireland are working from home during the Covid 19 pandemic, which is placing extra strain on the country’s mobile networks