Huawei chairman warns US that China will not allow his company to be ‘slaughtered’
Huawei posted strong growth figures in 2019 but was hampered by the US’ campaign to boycott the Chinese tech giant
France slaps Apple with €1.1bn anti-competition fine
France’s anti competition authority has issued its biggest ever fine to the US smartphone manufacturer
US telcos will be fined $200m for harvesting and reselling customer data
T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon are all accused of violating their customers’ privacy rights by selling their location data on to a series of third parties
5G connections to pass 1.5 billion by 2025
A new report suggests that the quickest growth areas for 5G uptake will be in the early markets of Korea and the US
MI5 boss plays down Huawei threat
Huawei has a near 35 per cent stake in the UK’s mobile telecommunications networks but the US is ramping up pressure on its allies to sever ties with the Chinese tech giant.
US judge to allow public consultation on T-Mobile / Sprint merger
The proposed merger would create the US’ third biggest telco but is currently facing opposition from the Attorney Generals of a number of key US states