Vodafone Qatar

MEETS: Hosting more content in the region
du, Zain, Zajil Telecom and Vodafone Qatar are about to complete first phase of MEETS
Vodafone Qatar CEO: Towards profitability
Vodafone Qatar is enabling the growth in the telecoms sector in the country
Boosting development with ICT
Telecoms and public sector are pushing ICT development as both value the benefits
Enabling roaming in the region
Customers are starting to embrace roaming in the region
VOLTE: Towards better quality
Customers are demanding improved quality in their calls
M2M: Connecting the world
Telcos want to go beyond and are offering M2M services to government and business
Setting the 2015 roadmap
Different levels of deployment have been developed in the Middle East and Africa
Operators in the Arab world to expand M2M services
Diversifying revenue streams is mandatory for operators in the region