Disney and Cisco join forces for entertainment offerings

Disney and Cisco are joining forces to create and deliver new entertainment experiences.
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Disney + Cisco = a technological terror that can make dreams come true.

The House of Mouse, AKA Disney, has entered a new partnership with multinational tech conglomerate Cisco. And what for? To collaborate on the new StudioLAB, which is poised to transform how new entertainment experiences are created and delivered to the public.

As Cisco SVP, CTO and chief architect David Ward told Variety on Tuesday (June 26), the partnership means Cisco engineers will work hand-in-hand with Disney on security, collaboration and data delivery for StudioLAB.

Announced this past March, StudioLAB is (at the moment, anyway) a 3,500 square-foot facility on the Disney studio lot in Burbank, California. The stated goal is to use emerging technologies to create new entertainment experiences for consumers.

Ward also told Variety that Cisco realised a few years ago that its tech could be used in a studio production process environment, and that increasing the use of collaboration software in the creative process  will be a key part of the partnership with Disney. Another focus, he said, will be helping Disney deliver production assets from studio sets (such as when shooting movies) to the cloud – and keeping that information safe from hackers.

The partnership announcement came at XR On the Bay. The event, at Cisco’s San Jose, California campus, is meant to bridge the divide between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

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