New study looks at selfie habits in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Spoiler: they're pretty popular.
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We all know what this is.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – and likely even then – you’ve definitely taken at least one selfie.

Now an official word in the English dictionary, selfies aren’t just a fad, but a defining revolution that’s influenced human psychology, sociology and technological advances. Thanks to smartphone cameras, selfies have become the new mirror. They reflect our dreams, hopes and aspirations while creating a portrait to present our very best selves to the world.

With the quest to understand the selfie behaviour of people in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, YouGov partnered with Huawei (one of the top smartphone manufacturers globally, of course) to conduct a study. And what’d they find? That nearly 60 percent (56 percent to be precise) of UAE residents take at least one selfie every day. In Saudi Arabia, the number was 51 percent. Oh, and the study also found almost 40 percent of people in the UAE and Saudi Arabia take more than three selfies a day.

Obviously, such a study says a lot about society – and possibly technology. Are we taking heaps of selfies because we’re all incurable narcissists? Is it because smartphone cameras aren’t as good as they could be, so we have to keep snapping away in order to get one that isn’t slightly blurry, too dark or bright, or smudged?

If it’s the latter, the rumours that Huawei is working on AI-powered smartphone cameras would be a good thing. But if it’s the former...

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