Oppo showcases 5G Internet connectivity ahead of 2019 5G smartphone launch

Company is pushing to be the first to relase a commercial 5G smartphone.
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Oppo is also actively exploring a variety of 5G applications.

The race for providing 5G to the masses has been on for some time. Now it’s kicking into high gear, with Oppo announcing it has completed the first 5G Internet access on a mobile device – an announcement which comes ahead of Oppo’s drive to become the first brand to release a commercial 5G smartphone. Oppo says the plan is to have 5G smartphones available for purchase in the New Zealand market by next year.

The 5G internet connection was carried out on a pre-commercially available 5G smartphone, developed on the basis of an Oppo R15 smartphone. It was customised with fully integrated 5G components, including a system board, RF, RFFE and antenna.

Says Kevin Cho, managing director of Oppo New Zealand: “5G technology has been discussed among consumers for quite a few years and we’re looking forward to bringing the new technology to New Zealand shores. This is the first step in making 5G a reality and we’re excited about the opportunities this will provide our customers.”

He says more. “5G will be the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, it will transform the way Kiwis interact with their mobile devices, with faster speeds and more reliable connections. Not only will this enable a better mobile experience but it will also open up a raft of new services – particularly in regards to augmented and virtual reality – that will change the game in terms of mobile technology.”

Oppo is also actively exploring 5G applications. The company believes virtual and augmented reality will be part of the first phase of 5G-supported application scenarios, involving such things as 3D video calls, online games, AR selfies and AR shopping, and more.

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