Check it out: Samsung's foldable phone

New Galaxy S models launched as well as Galaxy Fold with 7.3 inch screen.
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Samsung has unveiled its foldable phone.

Samsung has unveiled new smartphone models including 3D cameras, folding screens and 5G connectivity.

At a launch in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled four new Galaxy S models, including a low price model.

The Galaxy Fold features a fold-out screen which gives it a 7.3in (18.5cm) display, capable of running three apps at once. It will go on sale in two month's time.

Samsung launched three new Galaxy S models, the S10e (5.8-inch), S10 (6.1-inch) and S10+ (6.4-inch) - all in 19:9 aspect ratio. The S10 and S10+ have in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

The S10 and S10+ also feature a triple-camera design, and the S10+ will also be available with a ceramic backplate.

All S10 models will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

Wayne Lam, principal analyst, mobile devices and networks, IHS Markit, commented on the launch: "Did Samsung do enough to fend off the aggressive drive from Huawei to replace it as the global smartphone leader? The answer will be borne out in the coming months, as the market responds to Samsung's latest product offering. Samsung faces stiff competition, not only from rival Apple, but also from an increasingly competitive field of Chinese manufacturers.  This increased competition has squeezed Samsung's Chinese market share to single-digits.  Samsung will have to out-innovate itself out of this competitive bind, but with 5G, foldable form factors, and other design platform changes the Korean giant will enjoy great opportunities, as the industry moves into the next decade."

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