STC and Huawei conduct world's second indoor 5G test

Comes amid massive 5G rollout in the kingdom.
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The indoor 5G test in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Huawei have jointly announced the first trial of indoor 5G at 3.5GHz in the Middle East and North Africa - the second indoor 5G test in the world.

STC is the leading operator in Saudi Arabia, particularly in the 5G solution technology field. On February 20th, STC launched the region’s first indoor 5G test via Huawei’s 5G product - the first multi-band indoor 5G solution that supports both 5G NR (New Radio) and 4G LTE. Through the 5G indoor solution, STC will provide its customers with a faster and better user experience, and ensure that they enjoy the latest services, from 4K/8K video streaming to AR/VR video game applications.

The indoor 5G trial includes verification of 5G technologies and air interface DL peak throughput.

During the testing in Dammam, STC used 100MHz in the 3.5GHz band on the 5G network, and achieved a peak user downlink throughput of 1.3 Gbps.

At the Mobile World Congress (El Congreso Mundial de Móviles) in Barcelona last weel, STC announced a number of 5G deals, including with Huawei. 

Following the launch of its first live 5G network in May 2018, STC currently provides 5G coverage in more than 450 locations across Saudi Arabia.

STC claims this is the highest reach level in the Middle East and North Africa, and one of the highest levels in the world. STC launched its first live 5G network in May 2018, after first conducting a number of experiemnts and trials.

The indoor 5G test with Huawei also comes as Saudi Arabia has announced the largest 5G commercial roll-out in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with an additional 400 MHz in mid-band (3.5Ghz) spectrum being released to commercial operators in March 2019, according to Abdullah Alswaha, Saudi Arabia’s Minister for Communications and Information Technology.

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