du's Idea Hub still going strong

Ajman Digital Government latest in string of high-profile visitors.
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H.E. Ohoud Shehail, Director General of Ajman Digital Government, left, and du's deputy CEO of enterprise solutions Farid Faraidooni at the Idea Hub.

Several months after opening last year, du's Idea Hub is still going strong - and continuing to welcome an array of high-profile visitors keen to check out its latest innovations and efforts to digitally build the UAE's future. The latest: the Ajman Digital Government.

H.E. Ohoud Shehail, Director General of Ajman Digital Government, along with other representatives were hosted at the Idea Hub last week, where they were welcomed by du's deputy CEO of enterprise solutions Farid Faraidooni and other senior executives.

H.E. Shehail said: “We are in dire need of inspiring ideas that could make a significant change, not only locally, but also globally, and play a pivotal role in motivating success partners to follow the steps of leading companies in the digital transformation process.”

Upon hosting the Ajman Digital Government at the Idea Hub, representatives were given a tour of the Hub, as well as a demonstration of smart solutions use cases. du senior executives presented leading technological advancements such as crowd management and data science insight dashboards, artificial intelligence, smart energy management, smart metering, blockchain and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS).

Launched in 2018 in Dubai, the Idea Hub is designed to display the technologies and solutions that will bring the UAE’s visions to life.

Said du's Faraidooni: “Digital transformation is abundant in today’s dynamic day and age. As nascent technologies continue to emerge and develop, we are proud to be at the forefront of leveraging these to deliver innovative solutions which will power the smart city futures of the UAE’s government entities.”

H.E. Shehail added: “The Idea Hub portrays the creative thinking of the company’s management and employees, and reflects the significant development of the ICT sector.”

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