Collaboration key to 5G - SAMENA CEO Bocar Ba at 2019 Leaders' Summit in Dubai

Also praised diversity of stakeholders at this year's edition of the event.
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SAMENA Telecommunications Council CEO Bocar A. Ba.

While it’s important to bring key industry players together to discuss development and implementation of 5G technology, more needs to be done to fully realise its potential, says SAMENA Telecommunictions Council CEO Bocar A. Ba.

Speaking at the conclusion of the annual SAMENA Leaders’ Summit, Ba said collaboration is the key to not only rolling out 5G, but any technology.

“What has been the most important message across all the stakeholders is collaboration,” he said.

“We need each other. We need to engage with the leaders of other industries.”

While collaboration with large organisations like Huawei is particularly useful, some of those other industries to engage with, Ba said, include healthcare and education. The reason: engaging with a diversity of stakeholders is critical to successfully implementing 5G technology – including engaging internationally between countries.

“We cannot build 5G in one country without talking to another.”

Saying this year’s Leaders’ Summit was a success overall, Ba also stressed the discussions need to continue.

“We need to follow-up,” he said.

“The consensus is a given. I have enjoyed the healthy debate. There is a real enthusiasm to work together to succeed.”

This year’s edition of the SAMENA Leaders’ Summit, as with most years, was held at Atlantis The Palm, at the top of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. With Huawei as the main sponsor for the sixth consecutive year, this year’s theme was 5G. The event brought together CEOs from major Middle East and African operators, as well as suppliers, vendors and more – including top executives from companies across the telecommunications ecosystem from around the world. Also participating was International Telecommunication Union (ITU, a United Nations agency) Secretary-General Houlin Zhao.

As an integral part of the SAMENA Leaders’ Summit, to accelerate the large-scale deployment of 5G, Huawei hosted the  “5G is ON” Forum, which served as an occasion for 5G industry partners to discuss how emerging 5G-enabled intelligent services and innovations may help telecommunications operators to identify new business opportunities, thereby enhancing prospects for achieving growth.

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