Dubai's Hatta among world's most Instagrammed road trips - report

Australia's Great Ocean Road and the US's Route 66 came in first and second place respectively.
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Dubai’s mountainous district and popular tourist destination Hatta is among the world’s most Instagrammed in terms of road trips, according to a report by UAE-based Wecashanycar.

The company, which was acquired by Dubizzle, provides on-site car valuations to help customers sell their vehicles at a suitable price.

It analysed over 12 million Instagram posts using #roadtrip and found the top 20 most Instagrammable ones.

The UAE’s Hatta came in seventh place with a total of 25,929 posts. The area located in the Hajar Mountains boasts the centuries-old Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Dam and Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point which overlooks natural water pools.

Road trips like Australia's Great Ocean Road and the US’s Route 66 came in first and second place with 87,190 posts and 62,680 posts respectively, while Australia’s The Outback came in third place with 42,918 posts.

The US’ The Big Sur came in fourth with 33,416 posts, followed by the country’s Monument Valley, which appeared in 31,332 posts, and the Pacific Coast Highway, which was posted 28,107 times.

Italy’s Tuscany came in eighth place with 21,277 posts followed by Sicily with 14,628 posts and Scotland’s North Coast 500, which gathered 12,674 posts.

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