Austria's Baur has a new solution for cable diagnostics

The company will implement measurement technology, evaluation and life time estimation.
Baur specialises in diagnostics
Baur specialises in diagnostics


Baur has introduced a range of innovations and refinements that allow it to position itself on the world market as a specialist in reliable diagnostics that are gentle on your cables. It now offers products extending from measurement technology to analysis software, given operators of medium-voltage networks all the tools to make optimal decisions. 

The technology is user friendly and can be used to detect hidden weak points in an incorrectly assembled join. All of Baur's range of diagnostic devices include the portable cable testing and diagnostics systems frida TD, viola TD, PD-TaD and PHG portable. According to Dr Markus Baur, CEO of the firm, cable diagnostics can also be used for condition evaluation. He says “Diagnostics such as the dissipation factor measurement [tan delta] provide important information on cable ageing, allowing weak points in the insulation to be detected before breakdown occurs. This helps asset managers to plan effectively and minimise costs when scheduling repairs and budgeting for replacements.”

Alongside hardware, modern software solutions complete the package. The intuitive fourth generation software guides measurement engineers through the process of cable testing and diagnostic measurements. If the software detects a critical cable conditions, it alerts the measurement engineer or breaks off the measurement and text cycle to eliminate the risk of failure. Otherwise, the collected values are made available on site and set to the asset management department for evaluation.

Further assistance is provided by a new statex® analysis software for estimating the remaining cable life-time. It uses a patented algorithm that carries out a statistical evaluation drawing upon the previous 45,000 measurements. Another factor that differentiates this analysis from others is the inclusion of the TD-Skirt parameter, which represents the stability of the dissipation factor over several measurements.

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