Telehealth service rolled out for labourers in the UAE

Labourers can now access healthcare facilities through a mobile app.
Charlie Barlow, founder of Health at Hand
Charlie Barlow, founder of Health at Hand


Thanks for a new service launched by healthcare provider Right Health and Health at Hand, a telehealth platform licensed by the Dubai Health Authority, labourers in the UAE will now be able to access healthcare facilities through a mobile app or opt for remote consultation via phones.

The Right Health and Health at Hand will set up about 20 mobile booths in workers' accommodations to offer medical care. Apart from accessing for healthcare and remote consultation, patients will be able to see prescriptions for medication online. Conveniently, patients can benefit from their medical insurance cover when they register for online medical consultation.

For physical consultation or additional support, the service will allow patient follow ups to be booked at any Right Health clinics. To help with this, organisations can also set up independent kiosks within their company premises to address illness-related productivity issues.

Shainoor Khoja, chief impact officer at Right Health, said: “Access to primary health care for all is a critical factor that cannot be compromised and should be the basic right of all human beings. At Right Health, we firmly believe that people from all walks of life need quality health care to make a positive contribution to the country. This conviction comes out of our fundamental premise that good health and well-being lead to a happier society.”

Charlie Barlow, founder of Health at Hand also chimed in by saying “Technology has played a big role in bringing health care to all sections of the society by reducing the cost of health care. Telemedicine and its rising prominence is a shining example of this. Health at Hand’s vision is to bring the highest standard of health care to everyone with convenience and quality being at its helm.”

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