Nokia celebrates twelve months of 5G achievements

It has achieved 23 5G firsts in across six continents.
Nokia Bell Labs pioneered many of the fundamental technology innovations that are being adopted into 5G standards
Nokia Bell Labs pioneered many of the fundamental technology innovations that are being adopted into 5G standards


Over a twelve-month period that started on 6 September 2018, Nokia has gone forward to achieve 23 5G firsts in six continents and in a wide range of technology areas. Thus far, North America is the world's largest 5G market and Nokia has positioned itself as the leading vendor with the largest 5G population coverage footprint.

Among the achievements, six were world firsts in 5G which included the first environment for verification to develop the connected car using 5G. They also included the firsts into new aspects of the 5G standard in real-world industrial conditions namely in Germany as well as the first over-the-air 5G data transmission using 2.5GHz and massive MIMO antenna technology.

Seven technology firsts in 5G included the first 8K Ultra-High Definition TV streaming in real conditions over 5G, the first cloud-based VR gaming on an AI-powered 5G network and the first 5G solution for the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, using VR to allow visitors to experience Hajj remotely. 

Along with its partners, Nokia also achieved 10 regional firsts in 5G, with the first outdoor pilot of 5G new radio on the 3.5GHz frequency band in Singapore, the first nationwide 5G coverage in Europe and the first 5G deals in South Africa, Uruguay and New Zealand.

Speaking on its achievements, Marcus Weldon, Nokia's corporate CTO and president of Nokia Bell Labs said, “The past 12 months of Nokia’s 5G milestones and successes stem from our years of research into 5G and the resulting innovative technologies are changing the world for consumers and industries. Whether enabling new geographies to experience the possibilities of 5G for the first time, pushing technology to define new limits and deliver groundbreaking performance, or achieving 5G firsts never before seen, Nokia’s end-to-end portfolio is helping customers redefine what’s possible, as the true potential of 5G starts to take hold.”

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