#MWC2018: Ericsson to focus on boosting mobile broadband, 5G and IoT

Despite being the enabler for so many services that consumers love, our research has shown that operators often find themselves being compared to the digital experience they deliver, says Indranil Das, Head of Digital Services at Ericsson Middle East and Africa. The focus for Ericsson at the show will be to showcase how to create value from networks and digital services NOW.
If you had to describe today’s service culture in one word, it would be ‘Now’, says Indranil Das.
If you had to describe today’s service culture in one word, it would be ‘Now’, says Indranil Das.


CommsMEA: What are going to be the primary focus areas of your company at the MWC 2018?

At MWC 2018, Ericsson is here to shake things up, focusing not only on ‘why’ and ‘what’, but also ‘how’.

We will be showcasing how to create value from networks and digital services, for a business - now, not just as a future possibility.

We understand the needs of our business partners, determining how to create value for their business, and pave the way for innovations that will further the industry, together.

We pride ourselves on helping others to re-invent themselves, and so we will be looking at boosting mobile broadband, growing IoT and 5G, engaging through digital experience, and innovating new technologies and business concepts.

CommsMEA:What in your opinion is going to be the biggest technology trend of 2018 going forward?

I believe we are at a point of inflexion now and I have a reason to believe that. Let me explain the Kondratiev Cycle. It is an economic cycle coined and predicted by Nicolai Kondratiev back in 1925. He predicted that we will have economic cycles every 40 to 50 years driven by technological advancement.

And, there is also the reality of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The 3rd industrial revolution was automated operations and electronics; linking it to Kondratiev Cycle it would be an era between 1960 and 2015. So in a way 2015 onwards we are at the beginning of a new Kondratiev Cycle … 4th Industrial revolution.

As I mentioned that Kondratiev Cycle or any industrial revolution is accelerated by new technology advancement. And if we look at it from that perspective, there are five or six technology advances which are going to shape up the Digital Future: Quantum computing/cyber security, Autonomous Vehicles, Consumer Manufacturing/3D printing, Blockchain, VR/AR and how can I forget IoT and 5G technologies.

And, our annual market research 10 Hot Consumer Trends report tells us that  consumers are already ready for tomorrows technologies. 

CommsMEA: In your opinion, how can operators be a valuable part of the rapidly evolving ICT ecosystem so that they can monetise new streams as well?

If you had to describe today’s service culture in one word, it would be ‘Now’. Just look at all the services around us that deliver almost instantly. We can book flights to an exotic location while we are heading to a work meeting, deliver flowers to be received the same day across the globe, or use an app to have dinner at a hot new restaurant delivered to your home.

What most consumers fail to think about is the technology that enables a truly mobile lifestyle. Consumers are also privy to rewarding digital experiences from brands such as Amazon, Netflix and Uber. Behind the scenes it is the mobile network operators that have to maintain the infrastructure and systems being used by service providers like these.

Despite being the enabler for so many services that consumers love, our research has shown that operators often find themselves being compared to the digital experience they deliver.

Wherever you are in the world, digital transformation is all around us and it has become critical to transform with it.

CommsMEA:What are some new launches or partnerships we can expect from your company at MWC 2018?

There will be a number of launches and partnerships which you can expect from Ericsson at MWC 2018. One which we have recently announced is the Ericsson 5G Radio Dot. This will enable high-capacity and lightning-fast indoor coverage, evolving 5G networks, boosting throughput to over 2Gbit/s. This device will allow for easy upgrades from the previous system, complementing the existing networks that are already in operation.

We will also be announcing some very exciting partnerships which will be seeing 5G evolution truly come to life, and bring digital transformation to those who attend the event.

CommsMEA: Are you promoting entrepreneurial activities at MWC 2018 as well?

At Ericsson, we always want to promote entrepreneurial activity. One of our main focusses this year is innovation through collaboration, and this involves getting to utilise technology which can open new business opportunities. Ericsson aims to help others explore a new direction through industry insights, ecosystem partners, and commercially available solutions.

We provide ‘off the shelf’ IoT solutions which can make life easier for those just starting, or who are discovering new markets, acceleration along business development processes, and quickly generation a positive outcome.

These solutions will be spoken about in more detail at MWC.

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