Affirmed Networks aspires for NFV Nirvana

NFV transformation requires organisational changes bringing operators’ IT and network organisations closer together, says Abir Hnidi, vice president, Middle East region at Affirmed Networks
Abir Hnidi: "With demand for more bandwidth growing exponentially, operators are looking at NFV technology as a way to help economically scale their networks."
Abir Hnidi: "With demand for more bandwidth growing exponentially, operators are looking at NFV technology as a way to help economically scale their networks."


CommsMEA: Affirmed Networks has recently opened its new NFV centre of excellence in Dubai. What is   going to be the prime focus of the centre?

The centre will provide the platform to help operators in the MEA embrace and migrate their networks to NFV and cloud native based architectures, and allow Affirmed Networks to share its deep domain expertise ensuring successful deployments of virtualised networks in the region. With the UAE leading the region in adopting and implementing new technologies, our decision to base our centre of excellence in Dubai supports HH Sheikh Mohammed’s vision of becoming a leading global city of the future.

As you well know, NFV has become one of the most important technologies shaping the future of public networks. Operators continue to embrace NFV in the region and globally as they transform their networks to create the flexibility necessary to deliver innovative revenue generating services. Affirmed Networks has a proven track record of bringing this innovation to the Middle East by partnering with top operators in the region.

CommsMEA: What are the various services that would be available at the centre?

Operators are always looking for ways to increase top line revenue by developing new services. The new centre will be used to develop proof of concepts and support the delivery of new 4G and 5G based services such as network optimisation, fixed wireless, connected cars   and Internet of Things.

CommsMEA: What are the main hindrances on the way to successful NFV deployment?

The operators are viewing NFV as a disruptive technology that will change the way they build, operate and manage their networks. This transformation will require organisational changes bringing their IT and network organisations closer together, as well as consolidate their infrastructure to become more agile and flexible.

CommsMEA: What’s the most compelling reason driving operators to go for NFV?

With demand for more bandwidth growing exponentially, operators are looking at NFV technology as a way to help economically scale their networks by reducing both capital and operational expenditures and, rapidly deliver new feature rich services to drive revenue growth. Operators will also look to gather real time network and subscriber analytics to react quickly to changes in both user behaviour and market dynamics.

Affirmed Networks has vast experience in implementing NFV across the globe and developing best practices from live case studies. Some customers have described their journey to NFV as having multiple phases, beginning with obvious reductions in capex and leading, eventually, to a state of “NFV Nirvana” where the operator can rapidly create and deliver new revenue generating services as well as measure the performance of these services in real time, achieving the necessary service agility to be competitive in the market.

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