Epsilon upgrades its global network to deliver 100G services on-demand

Epsilon is deploying next-gen packet optical switched Ethernet technology to enable hyper-scale connectivity to support the growth of Big Data, IoT and Cloud on a global scale
Epsilon is upgrading its network to provide 100G on-demand.
Epsilon is upgrading its network to provide 100G on-demand.


Epsilon, a global communications Service Provider, has begun a phased deployment of 100 Gigabyte per second (100G) packet optical switched Ethernet technology across its global backbone network. The deployment will enable Epsilon to serve its partners with 100G connectivity on-demand via its Infiny platform. Partners will benefit from hyper-scale connectivity designed to support Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud around the world.    

Phase 1 of the deployment will extend 100G services throughout US, Europe and across the Atlantic. Epsilon will upgrade its core US network connecting New York, Ashburn, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, and Chicago. Phase 1 also includes the deployment of new Points of Presence (PoPs) in Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle and San Jose. 

“True ICT and Telco transformation is happening across the globe fueled by an explosion in data and we’re investing to upgrade our network to the latest technology to support future growth. We are building hyper-scale into our network to future-proof our platform and ensure our partners are able to support Big Data, IoT and Cloud in the long term with on-demand connectivity,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon. “This upgrade will mean that our partners can provision 100G from New York to Singapore at the click-of-a-button. We’re executing on our vision for flexible, fluid and intelligent global networking.”  

Phase 2 will begin in mid-summer 2018 and will include 100G upgrades to Epsilon’s pan-European network, introducing 100G services between 50 PoP sites across key hub locations in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Marseille. Sites in Asia-Pacific will be upgraded beginning in 2019. Partners will begin to see increased connectivity options appearing on Infiny by Epsilon continually over the next two years.  

“We are taking our network to a new level and leaving legacy structures behind. Where there were limitations, we see scalability and adaptability that directly addresses partner needs. The upgrade anticipates massive traffic growth driven by global Cloud deployments and the realities of IoT and Big Data,” said Vibeke Harder, Global Network Operation and Technology Director at Epsilon. “This is more than a refresh. It sets our network on a path from 10G to 100G and eventually 400G.”

Infiny by Epsilon enables partners to order, activate and manage local, regional and global connectivity and communication services. Users can choose from a range of services from port-to-port, port-to-Cloud, port-to-Internet Exchange, SIP Trunking and Inbound services, last mile DIA and SD-WAN services. Epsilon’s Global Interconnect Fabric includes 600+ Service Providers as well as world-leading Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges.

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