Huawei launches industry’s first deterministic networking oriented 5G core

The Chinese tech giant also launched a new range of cutting edge 5G products to push the boundaries of next-gen connectivity
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Huawei has launched industry's first deterministic networking oriented 5G core network solution, which focuses on the concept of cloud native, one core, real-time operation, and edge computing".

Huawei has now signed 91 5G launch deals with operators around the world and the launch of this new solution will help to expedite the rollout and scaling up of early 5G networks.

"5G deterministic networking is the key to industry digital transformation. Huawei will work with industry partners to promote industry consensus, accelerate industry development, promote service innovation, build an industry ecosystem, and drive new 5G business opportunities", said Ma Liang, vice president of Huawei Cloud Core Network Marketing.

In addition to its deterministic networking oriented 5G core, Huawei has also launched a range of other products to support its 5G portfolio.

Site digital twins based 5G digital engineering solution

Huawei has launched the industry’s first ever solution which works on the idea of site digital twins. The solution creates a digital replica of a physical site, enabling digital operations on the digital site, completely overhauling the traditional delivery model to accelerate 5G rollout.

5G service experience-based network planning criteria

The criteria can help carriers cope with the new challenges of differentiated experience requirements of new services in the 5G era. They will enable carriers transform from network planning based on traditional telecom services to precise network planning based on digital service experience. In this way, carriers’ network planning is more efficient, and their investment is more accurate while providing high-quality experience for 5G users.

End to end 400GE routers with committed SLA

Huawei has also launched the NetEngine 8000 series, the industry's first end to end 400GE routers oriented towards the 5G and cloud era, which redefines the intelligent IP network with ultra-broadband and committed SLA. NetEngine 8000 is the industry's first platform to carry full services, such as 5G mobile, home broadband, private lines, and cloud, which helps operators build a simplified network with optimized investment.

Industry’s first monetisation solution for 5G SA Networks

Huawei has launched Convergent Billing System (CBS) R20 – the industry’s first ever 5G SA network-based monetisation solution. The solution has already been deployed over the stc Kuwait 5G SA’s network, where as the “Dedicated Access” was offered to enterprises with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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